$100.00 per Month

4 Lessons Per Month30 Minute LessonsPrivate

Woody’s School of Music

We would like to thank you for selecting Woody’s Music as your place for musical instruction! We feel that Woody’s has the finest staff of teachers anywhere. So that we may continue to provide this quality instruction, we ask that you agree to the following guidelines for instruction:

1. Pay for one month’s lessons in advance on the first lesson day of each month. This payment ensures that your teacher will be available to instruct you at your lesson time four times a month. This payment is non-refundable.

2. Be at your pre-arranged lesson time each week. Your teacher’s time is valuable and you are paying your teacher to be available for you each week at your pre-arranged time. Make-up lessons cannot be given if your lesson must be canceled due to any reason not your teacher’s fault. 

3. Be on time! Lesson rooms are rented nearly every half hour. You cannot cut into someone else’s time Five minutes late means five minutes off your lesson.

4. Four lessons per month. If there are five potential lesson days in the month, your teacher will tell you at the beginning of the month which day will be an “off” day. This provides a built-in break for you and your teacher once every three months.

5. If your lesson must be cancelled due to fault of teacher, you have the option of working out a make-up with your teacher or receiving credit for the missed lesson on your next month’s lesson fees. 

6. No one takes lessons forever! If you decide you no longer wish to take lessons, please be courteous to your teacher and let him/her know when you plan to stop lessons so that your teacher may put another student in your spot. This helps your teacher keep an uninterrupted cash flow.

7. Have FUN! Playing a musical instrument can be one of life’s greatest pleasures! Much of the fun is in the journey itself. Enjoy your learning experience and the time with your teacher!

721 Crossroads PlazaFort MillSC 29708, USA